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Equipment & Facilities

  • 20 shipping/receiving docks for trucks
  • 6 to 7 meters available height, up to 13m
  • 755 overhead cranes
  • Equipped and connected offices
  • Energy saver design
  • Concrete ground in operations area
  • State of the art IT infrastructure
  • Access to high voltage power 150kV & 380 kV
  • Water treatment station recycling 99%
  • ATM & Medical Center onsite
  • Public transports onsite
  • Cloakrooms and factory canteen in each building

A large-scale industrial park of 93ha of which 25ha are build. Until 2017, the park was Caterpillar's largest non-US production site. It has 3 main industrial buildings that span from 66,000 to 92,000 m2 with office buildings and warehouses. More than 150mio EUR have been invested into the site since 2013.

The park will be made available in whole or in parts as of spring 2018 with state-of-the-art industrial equipment and facilities.

Exceptional location
& accessibility

150 Miles
300 Miles
450 Miles

Located 25 miles south of Brussels, Belgium, the site benefits not only from a highly privileged geographical position at the center of europe but also offers outstanding accessibility:

  • By rail & water

    10min away from inland waterways and railway freight stations connected to Western Europe's main ports (Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre)

  • By Road

    At the crossroads of highways linking to Germany (Köln), France (Paris), the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and the UK (London)

  • By Air

    5min from Brussels South Charleroi Airport (140+ destinations) and 30min from Brussels National Airport


Rive Gauche Charleroi

The european industrial park is located in a "free zone" benefitting from special labor costs reductions and tax incentives.

On top of being among the best countries in Europe in terms of productivity, Belgium also offers a flexible and attractive legal framework. Belgium is also very competitive in terms of energy prices, as attested by the recent decision of Google to locate its biggest european data center in Belgium, a few miles away from the European Industrial Park.

Several transfer options are available (sale, rent, or lease) for the European Industrial Park. The site is available as a whole or in parts.

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workforce pool


2000+ skilled FTES will be available as of mid-2018, trained on advanced technical skills by the best-in-class US industrial player (Caterpillar)

The Industrial Park is also located in the middle of a dense university network with 5 universities and thousands of students in a 30 miles radius.

Last but not least, 8 industrial training centers located in the area are able to accomodate your needs for talent and skills.

Full support from
and local


As demonstrated by the recent efforts to welcome the first Audi EV factory in Brussels, attracting leading electro-mobility manufacturers is part of a broader strategy of the federal, regional and local governments. Giving you full support is therefore a first-order priority.

  • Audi

    The Belgian Audi factory is located 30 miles away from the European Industrial Park Brussels South and will start producing its first full-electric models in 2018. The key elements motivating this investment were the outstanding productivity of the Belgian site, the highly skilled workers and the exceptional collaboration with public authorities that fully supported the project, the investment and the training of the workforce

    A. Cremer, Secretary General Audi Production Factory in Brussels (Belgium)

  • Alstom

    Alstom Charleroi Site, counting more than 500 engineers among close to thousand employees, is center of excellence within Alstom organization. As European Regional Center, Alstom conducts contracts related to this region, thanks to its central position.
    To succeed in these missions, the company rely on the contribution of a strongly established network of small, medium and big companies, high level academic competencies hosted in the nearby universities, provisions given by the regional research centers, which also contribute to the broadening of company expertises.
    Alstom technologies should also be in a position to play a significant role in a multisector research platform currently being set-up at a regional level, as adressing of course a much larger perimeter than the sole railway transportation.

    P. Bruynseels, Traction projects & Tenders director

  • Thales Alenia Space

    Thales has developed close ties with the belgian industry over many years, and has worked hand in hand with universities and research institutes to develop innovative products for its customers.
    Namely Thales Alenia Space has worked closely and on numerous research projects with Alstom transportation also located in Charleroi.
    Given its central location in Europe, the density of its neighbouring universities and the great collaboration dynamics between world-class companies, the Charleroi-area is already recognised as a hub for power electronics.

    E. Terrasse, Thales Alenia Space CEO